Weekly Artist Feature

This week’s artist feature is our guest judge Lisa from Solas Images!! I’m so excited to have Lisa help with the judging! I love her work so much! You will want to follow Lisa if you aren’t already! So grab a cup and enjoy getting to know your fellow photographer 🙂 Her theme she has chosen is {One with the wind}! Very excited to see what everyone’s got! Thank you so much judging this week Lisa! ❤


A Little about Lisa

Married to my best friend (and husband) for nearly 11 years. Two beautiful children together. Originally from Iowa, but living in the Chicago suburbs for over a decade now.

What does photography mean to you?

Photography is my creative outlet. It also allows me to capture moments in time that are both precious and intimate. My passion is truly lifestyle photography. Capturing day to day life that is real and honest. No fluff. Just the way it is. 100% reality.

When did you start pursuing photography?

I’ve been shooting here and there for several years (as a hobby), but did not really pursue it until last year. After receiving multiple requests to photograph different families, I decided to open my business doors at the tail end of last summer/early fall. I haven’t looked back since.

What motivates and inspires you?

My children. Reality. Emotions. Relationships. Imperfections. Just life in general. There is so much beauty around us every day, it’s just sometimes difficult to see it. We get so caught up in our hectic and busy lives. Take a few minutes to stop and look around. You could be outside. You could be inside. It could be someone that you always see. It could be the stranger walking down the street. We are surrounded by amazement if we slow down and open our eyes and our hearts.

Can you share a few of your favorite images and why are they your favorite?


The connection between this first time father and his newborn daughter. You can feel both the emotion and the newness on both sides.


This is an image of my 4 year old son. I absolutely love lifestyle photography as it allows you to go into your subject’s world versus forcing the subject into yours. This is a true snapshot of what a moment in his life sincerely looks like.


Proof that children don’t alway have to “Say cheese!” in order to produce beautiful portraits. I will never force a child to smile if he or she doesn’t want to. Quite honestly, their affect is most authentic when they are just being themselves (smile or not).

What advice do would you give another photographer just starting up?

Ha! Well, I still consider myself starting up so I’m not sure if I have a huge amount of advice to give this early in my journey. What has worked for me thus far? To focus on what I want to shoot versus what I think others want me to shoot. To make sure that it pleases me first and that it’s something I’m passionate about. I think the moment when you don’t feel that burning desire any longer to do what you’re currently doing, it’s time to take a step back and re-evaluate where you’d like to be. Not necessarily walk away from the industry, but assess what you think will make you happy. Another suggestion would be to network. I have been beyond blessed to have a very supportive network of fellow photographers, both local and global. I am forever grateful for their guidance and kindness. Take the time to show others that you sincerely care about their work, and more than likely they will return the favor. Finally, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Some will like your art, others will not. Both avenues are okay. Stay true to who you are as a person and an artist, and if at all possible, don’t try to compare yourself to other photographers. Let those who you are drawn to inspire you, but do not keep score (easier said than done, I realize). We all have our unique styles and personalities and just like us as humans, no two photographers are completely the same.
Nikon or Canon?
Nikon. I have several lenses but 99.9% of the time I shoot with my 35 mm. I am absolutely crazy about that lens! Love it!
Lightroom or Photoshop? Both?

One thought on “Weekly Artist Feature

  1. Marcia Cohan says:

    Lisa has always been creative in her expression of art. I certainly see her photographic skills as an extension of that talent.


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