Weekly Artist Feature

This week’s artist feature is Katy from Katy Vetter Photography! I have become familiar with Katy’s work from our past weekly themes and her work is just outstanding! I love seeing her images and she’s truly inspiring! I know you will love to see her in your newsfeed! So if you aren’t already a fan of hers be sure to check her page out!



A little about Katy

Well, I’m Katy 😉 … I am a wife to one crazy supportive amazing man, and a mother to three crazy… and amazing… little men (ages 8,5, and 2). This year we made a big change, and I launched my photography business. I went from running full time home daycare to part time and from part time (well… define “part” time ;)… ) hobby photography to a full time business. I also started a 365 project this year, and I can’t say enough for what it has done for me already!!

My family and I are North Dakota Natives (my husband and I high school sweethearts) … and I love it here (although I do wish our state could just pick a season this time of year and stay there for more than a day or two! … and maybe shorten those winters up a bit more. ;)… )

What does photography mean to you?

Photography started as a way to capture all those fleeting moments of my children, and, a way to get pictures on the wall. But, the more I read, and learned, and shot, the more I found myself thinking up these crazy ideas. I’d be planning out shoots I didn’t even have people lined up for yet, just thought they would be so amazing to do. I realized that photography was more than just something that was helpful for our family, it was a passion of mine, and an outlet for me. What could be better than to have something you pursue passionately benefit your family? 🙂 We get to hold on to all these moments forever…

When did you start pursuing photography?

It was after my second son was born in 2010. Somehow I got the idea that instead of taking our children in for pictures I could take them myself. I had a little point and shoot that was held together with a rubber band (so the batteries didn’t fall out). I did some pictures for my daycare girl just for fun, while taking some of my own kids, and her mom loved them so much it gave me the courage to post them on facebook … and, suddenly I was getting asked to take other’s pictures ( I had no idea what I was doing, but it’s nothing but pushing the button right? 😉 ..). So, this is where my amazingly supportive husband first came into my photography journey. He insisted we get a nicer camera (because I was good at this 😉 …). And, we invested in our first DSLR… a Canon t2i. It was a big purchase for us. If I was going to have a camera that did so much more I was going to learn how to use it. So, I poured over the owner’s manual to start (crazy amounts of information in there, just saying) … and I got a crash course on ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture all right there in the manual. It was a hobby for me and I really never seriously thought I would be in business as a photographer… but last year I went through a year of being crazy booked with a ton of portfolio building sessions and taking a few classes where I could… and I came out of that year wanting to do more instead of being crazy burnt out. I knew then I was ready and it was time.

What motivates and inspires you?

Like most photographers, my kids do. It also feels good to be doing something for myself. After I started my 365 this year I realized my own crazy imagination inspires me… I can see where my kids get theirs.

Can you share with us a few of your favorite images and why you love them so much?

day 26 wmThis is one of my faves because the reason I got into photography was to capture the moments in my kids lives in a way that we would cherish forever… this is my middle man walking into his school for the first time. Hand in hand with dad. I’ll always remember this moment.

day 2 wm

This one is a favorite because it was my first full out composite. My kids are OBSESSED with superheroes, and when they saw pictures where I helped bring their imaginations to life I was definitely the cool mom (for a little while anyway)  😉 … it’s inspired me to do so many more.

day 132 2 wm

my husband will support my crazy ideas even if I make him be in it with me (like say, if he’s doing yard work and I see a sunset like this and come out in a dress with my camera asking him to take a quick break) … ❤ … that is why this one is a favorite.

What advice would you give another photographer just starting up?

Oh boy, I’m no seasoned pro… but these are things that have helped me…

Don’t rush.

Trust yourself.

Seek constructive criticism (especially if you are looking to make this more than a hobby. It helped me to see things in ways I never had)

Let the harsh OPINIONS roll off (can’t please everyone).

Find ways (classes, groups, projects {like a 365.. ;)…} ) to keep things fun and new

Always keep learning and trying new things.

No idea is too crazy… 🙂

Nikon or Canon? Which lens is always attached to it?

Canon girl here… I shoot mainly with the 5D Mark iii with my L 24-70 attached… but my t2i still comes with me when I’m on the go usually with my 50mm on it.

Lightroom or Photoshop? Both?

photoshop… elements nine… haha, an oldie but a goodie… 😉 hoping for an upgrade someday soon.

Sorry … I get chatty… Thanks so much for having me! 😉


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