Weekly theme favorite 8

This past week our theme here at Captivating Radiance was {Those Magical Moments} with guest judge Katy from Katy Vetter Photography! Thank you so much Katy for helping out this past week! Also a big thank you to everyone who participated! You guys are all incredible and blow us away each week!



Favorites in no particular order

Favorites Chosen by Katy


How magical to capture such a beautiful background with such a beautiful couple … love the way the light hits them, love the mountains in the back behind those beautiful lights, love the moon… just love it!

Jacynthe Photography


I love the created magic in this image… you can have a gorgeous picture with an adorable subject and beautiful background and of course it can be amazing… but sometimes some post processing can really bring out a little more magic. 🙂

Performer Photography


love this shot! I love the magic in capturing such a great moment in everyday life. Her expression, the conversion, the framing… I just love it!

Nikki Smith Photography


love love love the light! And that amazing flare… But, even more so, the magic behind it… I have so had these moments where my kids can just be sitting there, but they way the light hits them, or the feeling of being overwhelmed with how beautiful a moment can be …. it’s magic!

Melissa Hines Photography


Favorites Chosen by Captivating Radiance {Eve}


I love this! The look on her face, the lighting, hugging her stuffy so tight! It’s fabulous!

Julie Moses


Amazing! The moment and lighting is spectacular! Swooning!

Catchnkiss Photography

11109160_994780237222631_4124621608191674124_oI love the colors and tone of this one! Of course the moment is also amazing! I relationship with a girl and her horse <3!

Jill Edwards Photography

11157526_1595326634061450_5058535178944451920_oLoving this image! It’s dreamy and romantic! Special moment between the couple! Great 🙂

JenDzen Photography

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