Weekly Artist Feature

So this week our theme is {Cool Kids} chosen by myself because I didn’t have a judge for us this week :(!!! So you guys get to know me a little better this week 🙂 Hope I don’t disappoint XO!



A little about Me

Hello everyone so I’m totally writing this last minute… I’m Eve, the lady behind Captivating Radiance and Photos by Eve Rashid. I’m a stay at home mom of 2 beautiful Kiddos, Alaina 4 and Idol 1. I’m married to my high school sweetheart and we’ve literally been together since we were 15! It’s been 13 years together so far and going strong! I’m currently residing in Kansas City, MO for now, but skies the limit for us. We love experiencing new places. Moved here in November from Arizona and oh how I miss the AZ dry heat!! Raise in Iowa though, so I’ll always be an Iowa girl in my heart. I’m so in love with lifestyle photography and a sucker for beautiful Sunset Images! So when I’m not cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, raising my children and juggling it all, I would typically be seen with my camera in my hands and capturing the life around me.

                                  What does photography mean to you? 

Photography is my life… It’s the way I see the world. It my lifestyle literally… I’ve currently been working on my project 365 and so I have my camera in my hands everyday!

Photography really to me is more.. it’s being able to save a moment that I will cherish when I’m 80. It’s showing my children their childhood. It’s how I express what I’m going through, how I’m feeling.

 When did you start pursing photography?

I started pursing photography after my second child was born. Around November 2013. I had given it a try back when my first child was born too, but I’ll be honest I sucked. I may have a few good ones among the thousands. My husband bought me my first DSLR for our anniversary in March of 2014. I absorbed everything I could from my camera manual, tutorials, books, and I’m self taught completely. I had my first paid session in June 2014 and by the time I had to move to MO in October I had built up my clientele, which made leaving AZ so much harder. I’m still always feeding my will to learn and it’s something that will not stop.

What motivates and inspires you? 

Like most photographers that start from being moms first, my children are my muses!!! But another thing that get my creative juices flowing is Light! Seriously I’ll see light flowing through my window and have to get my camera. I see the sun going down or up and feel like I just need to get out there and capture it! I also love capturing the little things that will make me remember a moment. That’s why we are the time keepers! 😉 ❤

Can you share a few of your favorite images and why you love them so much?


I’m so in love with this image because like I said earlier about capturing the little things that will make us remember how we felt in that moment, this image hits the nail on the head! I woke up one morning as the kids were still sleeping and I ran across these simply little flowers my little girl had picked for me the pervious day. She loves to pick me flowers and I hope she never stops because I love this beautiful gesture.


I love this image because it shows the relationship I have with my baby boy so well. I’m just in awe by him ❤


As I mentioned earlier I’m a sucker for sunset images(plus sun flare) and throw in a handsome little guy in it=heavenly ❤


This is one of my favorite black and whites!! Such a simply image but so powerful in showing childhood and the moments of just swinging on a swing wearing a dress with flowers around you.


Early morning with my baby girl before her brother woke up. She wanted to have a picnic and I told her ok, the sun was still rising and it was such a magical moment.


OK OK last one! I love this one because of that face. Plus the light flowing in against the window on a rainy day! I also love the tones and coloring in this image! Plus I love me some rainy days!! ❤

What advice do you have for another photographer just starting up?

This is advice that I have to listen to myself!! Don’t be so hard on yourself, you must start somewhere, just continue to feed your drive to learn. You’ll be surprised how far you will go. Don’t be discouraged, you can’t please everyone! Be better than who you were yesterday! Don’t compare yourself to others. Others can be a great form of inspiration and motivation and leave it at that. I know when some are starting there are many that will do sessions for free or little to nothing but don’t do this for long if you must do so. This is your art and by doing so you will be devaluing your work and your time. And the most important advice I have to give is don’t give up on photography even when all has gone wrong. Always, Always do it for yourself no matter what.

Nikon or Canon? What lens is always attached?  

For now I’m still working with my Nikon D5200. You can still make beautiful masterpieces of art without using the most expense camera. It’s not always the camera but the person behind it! Of course having a nicer, newer camera helps too 😉 Soon, Soon. 18mm-250mm Sigma DC Macro walk around lens is attached.

Lightroom or Photoshop? Both?

Both!!! I start off in Lightroom and Finish in Photoshop. Use Lightroom for Exposure and its’ fabulous brushes!! Photoshop for its’ spot healing capabilities, levels, and I usually like to do a matte finish in Photoshop, plus it has so much more to offer.

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