Weekly Artist Feature

This week we have with us Kelsey from Kelsey Anderson Photography! She has chosen for us the theme {Summertime Snackin’}.  Excited to see all of your {Summertime Snackin’} images!!! I’ve noticed Kelsey work for a while now and seen how much she has grown! You’ll want to follow her if you aren’t already!  Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and enjoy getting to know your fellow photographer!!!



A little about Kelsey

I am a wife and mother to two children. My son is almost a teenager (who I have to bribe to be in photos) and my young daughter who is seen in most of the photos I take. I enjoy nature and being outside, and I love to go fishing! We enjoy living in the country between corn and soy bean fields. It’s very peaceful! I also love our pets. We have two dogs, Macy and Rosco, a cat named Smokey, and a turtle. I also love to to see all of the natural wildlife around like deer, birds, etc. We love spending most of our time with our family!

What does photography mean to you?

Photography to me means having a memory that will not fade with time. As long as you have that photo, that memory will always be there. For me it is being able to go back to the day my baby was born and remember everything that happened looking at the photos. Also as my baby grows I can look back at how little her toes were, how she had absolutely no hair, and how much she has grown since the day we brought her home. Photography means to me that you can go right back to a moment in time like it just happened.
When did you start pursuing photography?
My journey with photography began about two and a half years ago when I got my first camera. It was just a point and shoot but it had like 42 time zoom and I thought it was amazing. I finally got a dslr in December of 2013 and my 50mm lens shortly after. That was my go to lens for a while. I started watching YouTube videos and following photographers on Facebook to learn different things. I purchased tutorial videos also. To me, the learning process for photography is never-ending! I constantly strive to better my work and I am currently working on booking more clients!
What motivates and inspires you?
My kids are definitely my biggest motivators! I see them doing something and I don’t want all cell phone pictures of them so I will run and grab the big camera so that I can have quality photos of them as they grow up so fast. Nature is a big inspiration for me also. Watching a beautiful sunset or finding a gorgeous flower in bloom is so wonderful how these things just happen naturally. I am also inspired by the love between families when photographing them. Whether it be between brothers or sisters, or between parents, it melts my heart that I get to capture that love for them!
Can you share with us a few of your favorite images and why you love them so much?
The first image that is one of my favorites is of my nephew laying on a bridge in a local park. It was my first paid session over 2 years ago. I took them with my point and shoot. This one was always my favorite. Looking at it now reminds me how much I have grown as a photographer!
My next favorite is from the first maternity session I ever did. I absolutely love the light shining on them through the trees. And to me, there is so much love in this photo as they waited to meet their precious baby boy!
This one is of some little wildflowers growing in our backyard. They are usually just a weed to most, but I just find them so beautiful!
It’s really difficult to narrow down my favorites, but my last one would have to be of my baby girl. I didn’t even mean to snap this pic and I thought it would be out of focus, but it wasn’t. It’sperfect to me because it shows her naturally. There are toys behind her all over the floor, she still has her pajamas on and messy hair, but I absolutely love it!
What advice would you give another photographer just starting up?
Don’t compare yourself to other photographers, especially those who have been doing it much longer. They have had more practice and as long as you practice, practice, practice you will achieve your vision as a photographer as well. Just remember that everyone starts somewhere! As long as you keep learning and growing you will only improve yourself!
Nikon or Canon? What lens is always attached to it?
I personally use a Nikon d5100. Definitely not the most advanced camera out there, but it works great for me! I love my prime lenses and my 35mm 1.8 is always attached. I’m not sure what my next lens purchase will be and could use some suggestions!
Lightroom or Photoshop? Both?
I used Photoshop Elements for a while and switched to Photoshop not too long ago. I also edit my RAW images so with the camera raw filter in photoshop I can make the necessary adjustments so I really haven’t used Lightroom.
Thank you for reading this and taking time to get to know me a little! I used to be somewhat shy, but putting my photos out there and getting positive feedback for my work has been amazing! I appreciate everyone who enjoys my work!

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