Friday Session Feature

This week’s session feature is one of my favorites!! Shelby Leigh Photography!! I’m so honored to feature this lady! Check out her amazing maternity session!



Maternity, Beautifully Captured & Cherished



I am so honored to be able to share this gorgeous maternity session with Captivating Radiance and its talented followers for a Friday Feature! When deciding what to feature, I couldn’t help but think of this session. It’s full of light, love, a moment in time captured, and truly cherished. Which is what Shelby Leigh Photography is all about. My tagline is “Captured in the Moment. Cherished Forever.” … this is the heart of what I do and what I love to share with others.

A couple months prior to our session together, this sweet Mommy of two precious boys contacted me to capture this special time her baby girl. After discussing her vision, the perfect location, and her maternity gown (seriously, isn’t she stunning in it?!), I was filled with excitement. Not only would it be a beautiful, intimate time with her baby girl, but I would be the one to capture her gorgeous glow and this calming peace for her to cherish this time forever. We chose a beautiful evening. The lighting was perfect for the soft for the ethereal images we wanted. She was open to various poses and allowed me to artistically open where I really could play in the post processing…I loved it! I know the rule is to have a set “style” that screams “it’s Shelby’s work!!!” but for now I’m trying to figure out exactly what that is. I’m thankful I have clients who both love and appreciate the various types of artistry that photography allows me to create! I hope you enjoy the images of this stunning Mommy. This is definitely a favorite session. I hope to do many more in the future. I feel that capturing the natural beauty of Motherhood is so important! The bond between Mommy & Baby… I hope one day all Mothers want to have their time while pregnant captured in this beautiful way!

A Bit About Shelby Leigh Photography

            My true passion for photography, as many photography Moms can attest to, came after the birth of my children. I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures of special moments and beautiful images of God’s creation, but it wasn’t until after the birth of our second child that it became something…more. I’m blessed to have a husband who supports and encourages me in everything I do. With his suggestion and the suggestions of a few close friends, I jumped into an official business nearly 2 years ago and haven’t looked back. As a military family, I am thankful that I can take my passion with me wherever we move. It’s been a blessing to move to various locations in our country. To capture so much beauty in landscapes as well! We are currently living in Montgomery, Alabama, and we have two amazing children who, naturally, are my favorite little models! They are my heart, and I’m so thankful that they love what I do and support my decision to incorporate my passion into work that others can cherish as well.

Shelby Leigh Photography 1

Shelby Leigh Photography 1-2

Shelby Leigh Photography 2

Shelby Leigh Photography 3Shelby Leigh Photography 4

Shelby Leigh Photography 5

Shelby Leigh Photography 6

Shelby Leigh Photography 7

Shelby Leigh Photography 8

Shelby Leigh Photography 9Shelby Leigh Photography 10Shelby Leigh Photography 11

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