Weekly Artist Feature

This week our guest judge/artist feature is Joni from Joni Burtt Photography!! I just love Joni’s work and am blown away each time she posted to our page!! I’m so thrilled to have Joni with us this week! She has chosen the theme {Double}. We can’t wait to see what you all make of this fun theme! Hope everyone has a great week!



A little about Joni

I live in southern New Brunswick, Canada, with my husband David and two children, Rosemary (3) and Charles (7).  I’m a stay-at-home-mom and have a small photography business as well.  When I’m not chasing my children around with a camera hanging from my neck, I love thrift shopping, napping, cooking, napping, hiking, camping, and napping. 😀

What does Photography mean to you?

Initially, it was just a way to take slightly nicer photos of my son.  Now I feel like I am documenting their childhood.  I prefer lifestyle and documentary-style photography and I love seeing their personalities in every photo I take.  It’s also a source of personal satisfaction for me; it’s a hobby that I love, and it brings me joy and a sense of accomplishment.

When did you start pursuing photography?

I started pursuing it in 2010 when we were in need of a new camera.  We had some extra money from our tax refund, so I decided to get a DSLR.  I knew nothing about photography and the learning curve was very steep; it’s only been in the past year that I’ve felt comfortable in my style, even though it is still evolving.

What motivates and inspires you?

My children are my biggest inspiration.  I also live in a really beautiful province, and I’m inspired by what I see around me.  We live in the country and spend a lot of time outside; I love documenting our way of life out here in the sticks.

Additionally, I am motivated to try new things; I love ‘flawed’ photography and am an avid freelenser, along with using prisms and other glass to obtain different results.  It’s so fun to play with.

Can you share a few of your favorite images and why you love them so much?


 I just love their genuinely happy expressions in this photo, and how they’re not really doing anything but being together.  They really do adore one another.


 We spend a lot of time playing at the river, and I loved this shot of downtime with Daddy.  The expressions on their faces seem to match the mood of the evening – silly, relaxing, loving.  Plus, I love photos from this perspective.

  I love this one for the funny factor.  My daughter is hilariously bored or grumpy-looking in a lot of photos, and the contradiction with her shirt cracks me up every time.  In this case, she was totally over our beach combing outing.
  I’m not even sure what calls me back to this photo.  They are just playing in the garden together.  I think part of it is that it suggests a big brother looking out for his little sister, who can be carefree and smiling because of it.
 I just love freelensing, and I love how this turned out.  It looks and feels like memory.
What advice would you give another photographer just starting up?
Shoot constantly!  Every single day.  This truly is an art in which practice makes perfect.
Nikon or Canon? What lens is always attached?
I have a Nikon D600.  These days I nearly always use my Sigma ART 35mm lens, but if I am freelensing, I love using an old beat-up Pentax 100mm lens.  Of course, sometimes nothing beats a good old nifty fifty, which I also use for freelensing.
Lightroom or Photoshop? Both?
I have used both in the past, but right now I just use Photoshop.  I still have so much to learn!

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