Weekly Artist Feature

This week our artist feature is Stephanie from In her Wonderland-Photography!! We are very excited to have her with us this week and she has chosen our new theme {Superheros}!! Can’t wait to see all of your amazing images! Hope everyone is having a good Monday and enjoy catching up with your fellow photographer!



A little about Stephanie

My name is Stephanie. I am a photographer over at In Her Wonderland. Aside from taking pictures, I have a dog that I am completely obsessed with. I also love superheroes, reading, movies, anything vintage, 90’s movies, Alice in Wonderland and Taylor Swift. I am also an advocate to end domestic violence.

What does Photography mean to you?

Photography is a way for me to capture moments. Memories. It’s also a way for me to share the beauty in the world with other people. I always see things through a lens. I am always thinking…this would be a great thing to photograph. It’s my creative outlet.

When did you start pursuing photography?

I have loved taking pictures all my life. I remember always wanting a camera with me and always taking pictures, even if they weren’t that great. I took a film photography class in college in 2006. Ever since then, I’ve been snapping photos almost daily and sharing them with others.

What motivates and inspires you?

Everything really. A flower can really motivate me and inspire me to go out and photograph nature. But, what really motivates me and inspires me the most are other photographers. I have met some great “friends” online via Facebook photography pages and photography blogs. Other photographers can be so uplifting and encouraging.

Can you share with us a few of your favorite images and why you love them so?


Well, my dog is my favorite thing in the world, so obviously I would include him in my favorite images. I honestly think he likes getting his picture taken. I mean, he will actually pose for the camera.


Flowers are probably my favorite thing to photograph. I just love a good flower photo.


Alice in Wonderland. That is my all time favorite movie (Tim Burton style). I got this necklace off Amazon for pretty cheap, but I just fell in love with the photo I took of it.

What advice would you give another photographer just starting up?

Technically I’m just starting up…again. I have started so many times, I lost count. Lol. My only piece of advice is stay true to yourself. Take photos that YOU love taking. Don’t try to take photos to match what bigger/more popular photographers are doing. You need to have your own style.

Nikon or Canon? What lens is always attached?

Canon for sure! I mostly use my Canon 24mm. I love that lens! It’s so versatile.

Lightroom or Photoshop? Both?

Neither? Lol, sometimes I use Photoshop elements, but honestly I edit a lot of my photos on my phone/iPad with VSCOcam.

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