Weekly Artist Feature

This week we have with us Cait from CE Photography! She has chosen the theme {The simplest details} for us! Hope everyone has a great week and enjoy getting to know your fellow photographer!



A little about Cait

I am a stay and home mom and a military wife. I enjoy playing outside with my one year old son and teaching him new things daily. I have been married to my high school sweetheart almost 3 years. My husband is my best friend and support system.  I have been doing photography 5 years now (since high school) and enjoy every minute of it.

What does photography mean to you?

To me photography is and art and a lifestyle. Photography is a passion that you pursue daily. To me photography is capturing the moments in life that you will never be able to get back. Remembering every moment in your families lives. Being a military spouse photography is a big part of my family. I am able to show my husband what he misses in our lives with photos while he is away.

When did you start pursuing photography?

I started to pursue photography in high school and took classes for it for two years.

What motivates and inspires you?

My son is now my biggest motivation and inspiration. I love taking pictures of him playing and being silly.

Can you share a few of your favorite images with us and why you love them so?

 I have many favorite photos so it makes it difficult to pick. They are all special in their own way and all have a story to tell.





What advice would you give another photographer just starting up?

Advice I have for new photographers would be dont get frusterated. You wont be the best in the beginning and ever day you’ll learn something new.

Nikon or Canon? What lens is always attached to it?

I shoot with a canon, always have and always will. The lens that is always attached is my 50mm since I do so many portraits.

Lightroom or Photoshop? Both?

I use photoshop to edit all my photos on.

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