Weekly Artist Feature

This week we have with us Kate from Kate Cuénoud Photography! Kate come to us from Europe and we are so excited to have her this week! Her work is gorgeous and definitely eye catching! You will want to follow Kate if you aren’t already doing so! She has chosen the theme {into my world} for us and we can’t wait to see your amazing images this week!



A little about Kate

I am an American living in Switzerland with my Swiss husband and our two young children aged 10 and six. We also have an older daughter who attends college in the US.

Can you tell us what photography means to you?

Photography is my vehicle for expressing my creativity, for interpreting what I see and feel and sharing it with the world. It provides me with a powerful resource to record my personal and family history. It helps keep me connected to my friends and family and grounds me in space and time.

What Motivates and inspires you?

Nature, motion, light, connection and humor inspire me. Taking risks and trying new things motivates me. My responsibility as my family historian motivates me!

Are you in business or a hobbyist?

I operated a photography business from 2011-2015 and then closed shop when I moved to Europe earlier this year. I shot film beginning in childhood through 2009 and then switched to digital. Now I am strictly a passionate hobbyist.

Can you share with us 5 of your favorite images and tell us why you love them so.

I decided to share five images that represent my five shooting styles.


Kate Cuenoud Photography for artist feature 5

I started freelensing over a year ago and it has been a complete game changer for me. I am not one to be confined by rules and freelensing allows me to experiment and bring a dreamy quality to my images that I just can’t get any other way.  It a perfect reflection of how I shoot straight from my little non-conforming heart! I often take freelensing pictures at the same time as snapping a “normal” image.  The other version I have of this image is my kids riding a carousel in Annecy, France and it’s perfect for our family photo album. This version is more like a childhood memory of a time and place that perhaps is long forgotten.


Kate Cuenoud Photography for artist feature 2

Lifestyle photography appeals to my observational and journalistic side. It allows me to bring in a sense of humor and absurdity that often characterizes my daily life (can you relate, mamas?).  Before we moved to Switzerland earlier this year, we got rid of all of our belongings with a few exceptions.  This has allowed me to use our new living space as a blank canvas and bring it lots of light and air to my lifestyle photography. This image was taken during a recent Friday afternoon dance party with my little kids.


Kate Cuenoud Photography for artist feature 4

I’m really lucky to live in a beautiful place that is small enough to afford me the opportunity to travel easily. Every Sunday my family heads out on an adventure and my camera comes along.  I took this image above Zug, Switzerland not long ago.


Kate Cuenoud Photography for artist feature 1

Showing dynamic movement can make an image come to life and is also another tool for creating a dreamy quality. I typically will find the best side light in my home and set up my camera on a tripod and play with my remote at different times of the day.  This is an in-motion self portrait from earlier this year.


Kate Cuenoud Photography for artist feature 3

Although I have had my 100mm for awhile, I am just getting started with macro photography. I have tried reverse freelensing as well as using macro filters to achieve an up-close, detailed shot, but often they are hit and miss. The scientist in me appreciates the sharp detail and control that a good macro lens can provide and allows a completely different perspective than I’m used to recording. I look forward to practicing more and freelensing with my macro too!

What’s in your camera bag?

Canon 6d

Sigma 35 mm Art 1.4 (on my camera 95% of the time)

Canon 100 mm macro 2.8

Canon 85 mm 1.8

Canon 50 mm 1.8

Canon 75-300mm

remote trigger, lens cloth, batteries, chargers, Sharpie, ND filter.

I also have a Canon A1 film camera, a flash, some expired film and three lenses – 35mm, 50mm, 85mm

Believe it or not, I believe in keeping things simple!

What does your editing process look like?

I edit exclusively in Lightroom. I import from my camera to an external drive and then import to Lightroom. I use the Survey mode in Library to flag images I want to edit and then apply a custom preset to all those images in Develop.  I never touch an image that I won’t edit.  I then go through the images one at a time to determine if I need or want to tweak them and if I want to share them online or if I want to print them for family photo albums or scrapbooks.  Images that I will submit or share through my Facebook page get a star and I export these to a folder both watermarked and unwatermarked.  I then export all the flagged images to personal folders for printing and online sharing.  I export the RAW versions of these as well and then delete all the original files (!). I really love editing and take my time because I enjoy it so much.

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