Weekly Themed Favorites

This past week our theme was {want to be like____}! It sure was a fun theme and Erin and I enjoyed your submissions! Thank you to everyone who participated! Congratulations to those chosen! Have  a great week everyone!



Favorite in no particular order

Erin’s Picks


Sarah Ann Photography 12194578_982474865146794_467900355861210178_o

Joni Burtt Photography 12194817_10205644562413546_4695785772731693094_o

Jennifer Wilhite Photography 12239385_919155354829895_5804159798570828705_o

Sarah Villarreal Photography 12244544_10156056904850478_3910700829876512400_o

Rubylee Photography


Captivating Radiance’s Picks{Eve}


Stacey Repinski Photography 12194893_10156174601755696_4134147049156771938_o

Performer Photography 12232724_430717613786530_6978936198843276318_o

Roots and Twigs l Lifestyle and Fine Art Photography 12239300_1003533503003459_6736809622165846340_o

Ainsley Raye Photography 12247837_10156056903970478_1676877815782285675_o

Rubylee Photography


Everyday Sacred Photography

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