Weekly Artist Feature

Hello everyone!!! This week our artist feature is Nicole from Nicole Renee Photography! Her work is stunning, you’ll want to follow her if you aren’t doing so already! She has chosen for us the theme {Family} in honor of Thanksgiving this week! I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving this Thursday and a wonderful week of course!
A little about Nicole
My name is Nicole Roberts and I am the lady behind Nicole Renee Photography. I am the wife to Kris, a very hard working man and the mom of 3 crazy awesome children, Kali (11), Kameron (9), & Kyler (2) & 2 cats Jynx & Thor. We live in the gorgeous state Colorado, where I am from and we visit Texas where my husband is from as much as we can.
I keep trying to think of how to describe myself and I fall short. I have never been one to find the right words I try to say, I usually use my photography to do that instead. I am a pretty quiet person for the most part until you get to know me. I have always been one of the ones hidden in the back. Quiet but full of passion and life. I am an outdoors girl who loves soaking up the sun but also loves to cook. I think aside from photography, cooking would be my next best thing. I love to make magic and amazing food in the kitchen. If you ask my daughter her favorite thing about my cooking she would say “mom puts a little scratch in it.” She said that when she was younger but it was one of my favorite things to hear.
Can you tell us what photography means to you?
Photography is everything. It mostly started when I was a little girl and would watch my dad show me all the prints when he got them developed and I would just ooh and ahh over them wishing I could take beautiful photos like that one day. I really love everything about a photograph. The way you can capture a moment or tell a story. Anywhere from the lighting to the simplest detail to the first moment or the open horizon. It is all beautiful and draws me in.
What Motivates and inspires you?
 Everything inspires me. The world in a whole, the people, colors, how the light shines though the trees. My children inspire me on a daily basis. I love trying to see the world through their eyes and capturing all of these amazing moments that I want to remember that are just flying by.
Are you in business or a hobbyist?
 I am more a hobbyist but want to pursue more soon on the business side. I just need to take that step and make some changes first.
Can you share with us 5 of your favorite images and tell us why you love them so.
 IMG_0253 FBcopy
I love this one because I was trying my hand at freelensing when we went to a small local bird seed/ pumpkin patch. I love the way I captured the pumpkins and the overall feel.
IMG_1743-2 FBcopy

I fell in love with this shot because it speaks to me. My daughter is stubborn and bold and so full of life.

IMG_8435FB copy

My kids on a trip during the summer to this amazing sunflower field by the Denver airport. The sunflowers were bigger then their heads and the happiness on their faces while running around was unforgettable.

My husband teaching our youngest son (2) to ride a bike for the first time. Just capturing those first moments are amazing.
IMG_9861FB copy

My youngest son at the park one day while waiting for the big kids to get out of school. I love the bokeh and how the wind is blowing through his hair. I love the curious look on his face as well.

What’s in your camera bag?
I am a Canon lover. So while I save up to upgrade to my dream camera, I currently use a T3i. I have a good size bag that fits all my gear in it, although I probably don’t need to carry everything around but I still do. I have my 50mm, 28-70mm, 28-105mm, 75-300mm and then my kit lens 18-55mm. My favorite lens would be the 50mm but I would love to upgrade to the 35mm or a ART lens. I also have a external flash, extra SD cards, batteries, cleaning cloths, gum, little camera props to try and get the attention of kids, etc. I also usually have a water bottle in there too.
What does your editing process look like?
I use photoshop and lightroom but it really depends on my mood and what I have shot that day on which I will use to edit. I usually always do a clean edit and adjust the brightness if need be, add some type of matte and so on. I love the film look and often find myself trying to recreate that. I also love a good clean bright edit.
Anything else you’d like us to know about you?
I love lifestyle photography and I am a sucker for birth photography as well. I would love to travel and photograph all over the world.

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