Weekly Artist Feature

Our guest judge this week is Tracy from Tracy Jade Photography! Her work is stunning and you’ll want to follow her if you aren’t doing so already! She has chosen the theme {Animal Bond} for us this week. Have a great week everyone!



A little about Tracy

First off, I want to just say how excited I am to have been asked to be a
part of the amazing community here at Captivating Radiance this week! I’m so glad to be able to share a little piece of myself and my journey with

Some quick facts about me: I’m a wife to an amazingly intelligent and
creative man and we’re coming up on our 10-year anniversary in January. I
love the mountains, hiking, camping, cats, indie music, Indian food,
restoring antique furniture, and thrift shopping.

I started playing around with photography when my husband bought me a
D-SLR camera for my birthday 5 years ago…a Sony A-230…a no frills, entry
level of entry level D-SLR’s. Before ever photographing people, I learned
that camera inside and out by shooting in nature. I discovered over time
what I really wanted to do with photography. I know now that I want to
tell stories. One of my biggest aspirations in life is to travel the world
and tell visual stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.
With every family I photograph, and every wedding I have the privilege of
capturing, the more I understand how amazing real life is…how vulnerable and beautiful humanity is…and what richness there is to be captured within it. Storytelling aside, I sometimes just like creating “pretty” images, and I find myself still shooting in nature to try and create something visually beautiful. No matter where storytelling takes me, these images will always be a part of my work and who I am.

What does photography mean to you?

Photography is the best way I know to reveal the beauty in people,
relationships, and nature. It’s changed how I see EVERYTHING. It helps me to see what I need to see. As a Christian, when I started out on this
journey my goal was (and still is) for my work to point to my Father and
to the broader world view He’s helped me to understand. I’m the happiest
with my work when I feel like I’ve achieved that voice in some way…when
I’ve authentically captured and revealed something beautiful.

What motivates and inspires you?

It sounds corny and cliche, but really I don’t need to get any wordier
than to say that creation and humanity in general never ceases to make me want to take pictures. More specifically, one of my favorite photographers is Sarah Robertson, a documentary photographer. My world changed when I discovered her work. I’m so drawn to how she celebrates raw, real life and reveals such beauty in the seemingly mundane. I think Jonas Peterson and Dan O’Day are brilliant and genius when it comes to mixing authentic storytelling with striking visual impact. Dorothea Lange’s work is, of course, amazing. I could go on and on about the ridiculous photographic talent in the world, but I’ll stop there!

Are you in business or a hobbyist?

I’ve officially been in business as a wedding and family photographer for
two years, and enjoyed my first really busy season this past summer/fall.
I literally cannot wait to see where the next few years takes me! I’d to
add some humanitarian work into the mix.

Can you share with us 5 of your favorite images and tell us why you love
them so.


I love bright, radiant, golden light in images and when you add in a
family authentically enjoying each other then my heart swoons! I love the
movement and how they’re all gathered around the light. This is one of my all-time favorites.
Tracy Jade Photography 2 Photographing children is one of my greatest joys. And I learned this
past summer that photographing children in the lake is AMAZING! I love the spontaneity and genuine expression in this one. And watching kids enjoy nature makes me so happy.
Tracy Jade Photography 3
Anyone who knows my work knows that I am a sucker for bokeh! I love to
incorporate it into a session, if ever possible. I’ve also fallen
completely in love with photographing couples.
Tracy Jade Photography 4
I’ve been trying to work on depth and framing during my documentary
sessions and I’m really happy with how this one turned out. It was
completely unscripted and natural, but I wanted to show all the characters
in a way that was still visually pleasing to the eye.
Tracy Jade Photography 5
I’m a HUGE freelensing fanatic…like, borderline obsessed. Most of the
shooting I do in nature now is freelensed, and I regularly incorporate it
into client sessions as well. This is one of my all-time favorite nature
shots. I love the light, the bokeh, the color, and it was taken right in
my front yard!

What’s in your camera bag?
Right now, I’m shooting with a Sony A77ii. My 50mm 1.4 is mounted most of the time, but I also use a 30mm macro, a 14mm wide angle, and a 75-300 zoom. By no means do I have a gear bag that anyone would envy…I’ve always worked with a really tight budget. I have a long, long wishlist of
additional gear I’d love to have, but I try to remind myself that it’s not
always about the gear and I really push myself to learn to work with what
I have and to get as much as I can out of it.

To try and keep a creative edge, I regularly freelens and enjoy
incorporating prism work into the mix. It’s all about trying new things
and discovering your unique voice along the way!

What does your editing process look like?
All I have to say is VSCO, VSCO, VSCO! These film-inspired presets are a
life-saver for me and they help me achieve the natural, organic, analog
look I prefer. I do the bulk of my adjustments in Lightroom, and then
export to Photoshop where I do some fine-tuning…sharpening, curves
adjustments, etc.

Anything else you’d like us to know about you?
What was really important for me to learn (and that I’m still learning),
is that it’s really important to feed yourself with as much work from
other photographers as possible, but to allow the talent and beauty you
discover to inspire and not discourage. I’m the type of person who
constantly second guesses my work and wonders if there’s any value in it.
But this is such a trick. We have to keep building on our own talents and
defining ourselves in a vast world of artists. I found that it was
impossible to do that while comparing myself to everyone. Be authentic to
yourself and amazing things will happen!

Tracy Jade Photography

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