Artist Feature

This week we have an amazing, extremely talented and inspirational artist for you guys!! I bring to you, Chantal van den Dool from Fotografie Chantal van den Dool. If you aren’t following her already you will want to! I have got to know Chantal’s work through our page and I simply adore her work! I have kept up with her Lensbaby project and I simply love her perspective through her lens! It’s definitely an eye catcher, check it out for yourself on her facebook page! Have a great week everyone and enjoy getting to know your fellow photographer!



A little about Chantal

I’m Chantal van den Dool, married and live in a little town in the Netherlands with a lot of animals around me.

Can you tell us what photography means to you?

Photography is my passion and I can put all my creativity in it. It’s also a way of relaxing for me. And of course capturing the memories for later.

What Motivates and inspires you?

My inspiration is everything around me, nature, light and animals. I love to show other people how I see the things. And I don’t want to forget all these amazing photographers that I met on Facebook. It’s a great community with a lot of gorgeous inspiration.

Are you in business or a hobbyist?

I started as hobbyist and since 2 years I’m building up my business and I’m having a lot of fun with that. It’s hard work but I love to fight for something that I want to have.

Can you share with us 5 of your favorite images and tell us why you love them so.


This is a shot from last summer. I love that photo because she was doing her own thing while I was lying in the field. The sunset was gorgeous. It’s one of these shoots that I will never forget.


One of the thousands macro flower shots of this year. I do a lot of macro and this one is one of them with the brightest colors.


My nieces… I love them! I took a lot of photos of them since they were born and I think this is my favorite of them together. So much twin love between them.


My two horses Meggie & Lodewijk in the sunset. When the sunset is amazing I’m always in the fields with them. It’s a magical moment.


My pup Sloan… the youngest of the pack. After a long day playing and running around he was finally sleeping, a perfect moment.

What’s in your camera bag?

I’m a Nikon girl and use the D7000. My lenses are Tamron 18-200mm, Tamron 70-300mm, Nikon 50mm, Lensbaby ComposerPro, Spark, Sweet50, Sweet35, Edge80, Double Glass, Single Glass, Pinhole, Plastic, Soft focus, Circular Fisheye, Velvet56, Macro filters, Wide angle, Tele lens, Macro converters and the creative set. When I go away I have at least one Lensbaby with me and the Tamron 18-200mm

What does your editing process look like?

Editing is something I learned in the past year. Before that I didn’t have any editing program. Now I have LR and it’s a whole new world for me. I trying new things every time. But most photos that I publish had a simple editing, just light and sharpening or put it in Black & White.

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