Artist Feature

Our artist feature today is Jessica from Jessica Wynder Photography! Jessica’s work is stunning and inspirational, if you aren’t fellow her yet you will want to!! So grab your cup of preference this Monday morning and enjoy getting to know your fellow photographer! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!



A little about Jessica

Hi, I’m Jessica Wynder. I live a quiet, yet fulfilling life in Northern Michigan with my wonderful husband and the two little humans we created.

Can you tell us what photography means to you?

Photography is a way for me to feed my artistic soul. It allows me to see beauty everywhere and freeze it in time. It can energize me or calm me depending on what I am capturing. It challenges me and makes me  feel giddy. It is my passion.

What Motivates and inspires you?

Light, shadows, lines, nature, my children and the drive I feel to keep learning and growing.

Are you in business or a hobbyist?

I have recently started a business that is very part-time. I am hoping one day it grows, but for now family comes first. I mostly shoot for myself and I always want to make time for that because I love it.

Can you share with us 5 of your favorite images and tell us why you love them so.


This is one I took very recently and I knew it was a favorite as soon as I viewed it on my camera. Beautiful light, shadows, bokeh, movement and my children playing contently. I even love the dust that got stirred up. My favorites usually end up being the ones that are real, unplanned and unposed.


This is my all time favorite image of my son. It captures all of my favorite features of him. I can not get enough of his chubby cheeks, his big, wonder-filled eyes and that blond hair. We are major beach lovers and live only minutes away from our favorite beach. This is the place my son is most content and I love that this image captures that so well.


My muses bonding in black and white***that does it for me right there.


I love the scale, the little footprints and the stance of my daughter. I can never tire of that beautiful beach view where countless memories have been made.


A wonderful end to a long, lazy, water filled day. I just kept looking at the curls in her hair and thinking of how I would love to capture them. It was one of those, “right place at the right time” moments. That is why I almost never leave home without my camera.

What’s in your camera bag?

Not a whole lot. I have a Canon 6D, Canon 50mm and a Canon 100mm. I have a few lenses I would like to add to my bag someday,(what photographer doesn’t) but I am pretty content with what I have. I am in love with freelensing and I have found it to be a wonderful technique to fuel my creativity.

What does your editing process look like?

Minimal editing with LR. I would much rather be behind the camera than the computer.





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