Artist Feature

This week our artist feature is the talented Stephanie from FlowerGirl Photography! Stephanie’s work is beautiful and if you aren’t following her already you’ll want to do so! Grab your morning cup and enjoy catching up with one of your fellow photographers!


A little about Stephanie

Hello! My name is Stephanie & I am the face behind FlowerGirl Photography. I live in a small town in Northern Idaho. My husband Robert and I have been together 8 years,7 years married. We have two children, a son-Robert Cole who is 5 and a daughter-Emma Grace who is 2.I got serious about photography about 4 years ago, starting with nature which is my most favorite photography!

Can you tell us what photography means to you?

Photography is my passion. My calling. I have taken ‘mind photos’ for as long as I can remember. The moment I first held a camera in my hand was awesome! Being able to notice the smallest details in life, which often are the most important, and capturing those moments are amazing to me. Also being able to capture my children’s lives as they grow-I love looking back to those images & remembering moments I would have otherwise forgotten.

What motivates & inspires you?

My children, capturing their lives. But also where I live. Nature photography is my most favorite, there is something so relaxing about walking through the woods, camera in hand, clicking away at plant life! Here in North Idaho I have no shortage of inspiration when it comes to that. When I am feeling run down with sessions for my business, I take time to do some personal photography. Even if it’s only 10 minutes after a session. Scouting out flowers or the perfect light through the trees. It refills my soul!

Are you in business or a hobbyist?

I am in business, although I didn’t start out with that in mind. FlowerGirl Photography started as a place to share my nature work & photos of my children. I started getting inquiries about doing family sessions for people, I turned them down for a while before asking myself-why not? So I stared doing free sessions for about a year to learn & get experience. I have come a LONG way! I now do family, senior, maternity & children’s portraits along with some newborn. I have also done several weddings and learned they are my favorite to capture! I think it’s all the details that go into a wedding day, details are the most fun to capture

Can you share 5 of your favorite images & tell us why you love them so?


I took this at one of my son’s t-ball practices last Spring, the flower buds in the evening sunlight was too pretty not to capture!


This is blown up & hanging on our family room wall. We were playing out in our front yard when I snapped this shot of my children. The love they have for each
other is amazing.


This is my daughter last Summer, I loved the light that made her hair stand out!


Our local beach down by the river a couple years ago. The sunset + fall frost was so beautiful!


My son enjoying some sledding a few weeks ago. I love snow pictures!

What is in your camera bag?

Nikon D7100 with 35mm 1.8,18-55mm & 55-200mm lens. Business cards & SD card. I also have a Nikon D3200,which I keep for back up.

What does your editing process look like?

I upload images to Lightroom 4 as soon as I get home, if possible. I go through and choose a couple favorites to edit as peeks for my clients. Then I wait until my children are in bed to work on the rest. I have tried working during the day but found it so stressful, my 2 year old loves to ‘help’ by sitting in my lap pushing buttons! Doing them at night means less sleep for me but editing is one of my favorite parts of photography and having quiet time to work is important to me.

One of the most important things I have come to learn about the photography world, is don’t ever compare your work with another photographer. You will always compare your worst to their best, and doing that will only bring you down. I learned that the hard way and almost gave up after a couple years. Until the moment I realized that photography is an art, no two can be exactly the same. And Why would you want it to be? Once I started focusing on my work, learning & practicing the best I could, and also praising others work-even my “competitors”, I saw my photography blossom. If you are beginning your photography journey, keep going. Take photos everyday, have fun! 🙂

Stephanie Rogers-FlowerGirl Photography

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